Conditions of use

Once your order has been received, our team will process the order and send your order requirements to a driver.

The driver will find his way to your preferred store if open, or a suitable alternative if not, to purchase as many of the items you require.
Your driver will try his utmost to find the products you wish to have.
The driver cannot promise to find everything you wish to have delivered, but will do his best. Please understand that all items might not be available.

If you get a please call me whilst waiting on your order, it might be our driver stuck finding a product and wanting to ask a question on your items, please do respond to him.

Once the driver has purchased the goods, even if he has made an incorrect purchase, he will NOT be allowed to take the products back and we kindly ask you to understand, pay the price on the shop till slip and take delivery of all the items from the driver.

For a contactless delivery please pay cash, EFT or by E-Wallet transfer.

Our drivers follow a strict COVID-19 Hygiene Protocol and we suggest that you follow the recommended guidelines available online.